All registered players & management of teams participating in the Tournament will be welcomed as Invited Members to the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) for the duration of the Tournament. Those visitors from reciprocal clubs that have signing arrangements with SCC can enjoy signing facilities on presentation, at the Reception prior to using the bar and restaurant facilities, of his/her membership card and a Letter of Introduction from the visitor’s home club. 

To enhance your enjoyment of the Club’s facilities, we list below a few guidelines and would appreciate it if you would adhere to these.

1. Registration
On arrival at the Club, the Tour manager or Captain should provide a list of members in the tour party, signed by either of them as per form attached. Guides to the facilities of the Club are available at the Member Services Desk.

2. Access to the Padang
Open to the public.

3. Use of Club
Members and guests shall at all times use the Club and facilities in such manner so as not to interfere with the reasonable comfort of, or be a nuisance to, other members of the Club and so as not to damage the Club property. They shall duly observe all reasonable requests made by the Management in that respect.

4. Dress Code
Members and guests must be appropriately attired when visiting the Club and using its facilities. The accepted attire is shirts which must have collars and sleeves and trousers; or national costumes. Neck-tie is not essential.

a) Outdoor headgear shall not be worn within the Clubhouse other than for medical or religious reasons.

b) Persons still wearing the attire in which they have played games shall not enter any of the air-conditioned areas of the Clubhouse, except the Changing Rooms.

c) Main Lounge: Flip flops, singlets, shorts and tee-shirts are not normally permitted. However, on the tournament Saturday and Sunday, the dress code has been relaxed to permit shorts and t -shits.

d) Padang Restaurant: Flip flops, singlets, shorts and tee-shirts are not permitted. Denim trousers are not permitted except Saturday and Sunday between 10.00 and 17.00 hours.

e) Oval and Verandah: Tee-shirts (but not singlets) are permitted outside on the verandah (but not inside in the Oval restaurant). Flip flops are not permitted.

f) Men’s Bar: Shorts &tee-shirts are permitted (but not flip flops or singlets).

g) Stumps Bar: Tee-shirts are permitted (but not singlets). Flip flops are not permitted.

h) Jackpot Room: Flip flops, singlets and tee-shirts are not permitted.

i) Gilmour Room: Flip flops, singlets, shorts and tee-shirts are not permitted. Denim trousers are not permitted except Saturday and Sunday between 10.00 hours and 17.00 hours.

5. Food and Drinks

a) Only food and drinks purchased from the Club may be consumed in the clubhous

b) For payment of food and drinks, temporary SCC visitor cards can be purchased at Member Services Desk. When buying cards, please state which team you are with.

6. Persons Under 18 years old

a) No person under the age of 18 may stand at or order drinks from any bar or play the jackpot machines.

b) No person under the age of 18 is allowed in the Main Lounge after 7:00pm and in Stumps and the Bar and Billiards Room at all times.

7. No Smoking Areas
By Law, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Club, except in clearly demarcated areas.

8. Parking
Parking facilities at the SCC are restricted to SCC Members only. All others are requested to park at public car parks. Parliament House and the Adelphi Building public car parks are the nearest and most convenient.

For full tournament details and registration information, please click here to download the tournament manual.